Auto Care Products Manufacturers Turkey Bursa


Adress : Bursa Gıda Toptancılar Sitesi J Blok No: 7 - Bursa, Turkey
Phone : + 90 224 443 14 50
Fax : + 90 224 441 03 24

Company Profiles:

Our company, began its commercial activity in 1991. Thanks to its modern management approach , professional team work and a lot of industry firsts brought in its sector, through the time left behind it became a trademark, which is the symbol of quality and trust. Following that the company created many patented brands such as : İlkom, Roos,Gülbahçe,Bursa Geceleri, Sincere, İlkom Kiddy, Devona, Destina, Kerry, Justene,fabiya. However, being conscious about the fact that the growth and development is proportional with the importance given to R & D activity and innovations, the brand İlkom has managed to grow rapidly throughout the whole country. Such a result is the feedback of the confidence and continuous quality approach, based on long years of experience in the production of cologne, perfume, rose water, air freshener, wet wipes, wet towels, medical wipes and hand cleansing gel and new products ; Reed diffusers,liquid soap,auto care spray Having great market share not only in Turkey, but also in the World markets, our company exports it's products to more than 10 countries, including, first of all, Europe, Near East, Russia,asia and Africa. In our country and foreign countries, national and international hipermarkets,companies holds leading position on selling products under both it's own and private label trade marks. Also our company presents with Private Label trade marks in a lot of foreign countries, deserving customers attention with their high quality. Our company is continuing the leadership in the sector by combining the absolute quality approach and the unconditional customer satisfaction principle with the qualified products and the best price advantages. Without scarifying the quality, the company is aiming to increase its customer portfolio with high level quality customers. The aim of İlkom is to be a leader company in Turkey and world cosmetic global market. Our company works in accordance with a Managerial Policy that is to be innovative and costumer-focused, to value high quality

Company Products:

Lemon Cologne, Auto Maintenance, Auto Perfume, After Shave Cologne, Tobacco Colognes, Perfume Pen, Air Freshener, Wet Towels, Auto Care Products, Cologne, Pen Perfume, Aftershave, Liquid Hand Soap, Baby Cologne, Wet Towel, Liquid Soap, Baby Wipes, Hygienic Products, Perfumes, Hand Cleaning Gels, Tobacco Cologne, Baby Colognes, Perfume, Rose Water, Private Label Products, Custom Logo Refreshing Wipes, Auto Cleaning, Wet Wipe, Cleaning And Care Products, Make-Up Remover Wipes, Spray Cologne, Antibacterial Hair Bonnets, Wet Guest Towels, Auto Engine Cleaners, Smell In The Room, Touristic Colognes, Decorative Air Freshener, Auto Rubber And Buffer Polishers, Spray Lemon Colognes, After Shave Colognes, Auto Products, Medical Wipes, Bamboo Room Smell, Printed Dining Sets, Handkerchiefs, Lily Cologne, Auto Cleaning Towel, Bamboo Scent, Auto Cleaning Towels, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Auto Care Product, Make-Up Remover Handkerchief, Auto Rim Cleaner, Hygienic Product, Antibacterial Patient Cleaning Towels, Lily Colognes, Auto Cleaning And Care Products, Pocket Handkerchief, Auto Care Sprays, Antibacterial Patient Cleaning Towel, Auto Spray Polishing, Rose-Water, Car Smell, Printed Sugar Packagings, Auto Cleaning Wipes, Lemon Colognes, Incontinent, Printed Napkins, Air-Freshener, Personal Care And Baby Care Products, Make-Up Remover Handkerchiefs, Auto Sprays, Guest Towels, Make-Up Remover Pocket Handkerchief, Disposable Wipes, Decorative Wood Auto Perfumes, Lily And Tobacco Colognes, Make-Up Remover Pocket Handkerchiefs, Pen Perfumes, Private Label Wipes, Liquid Hand Soaps, Cleaning Product, Cosmetic Products, Personal Care Products, Colognes, Cosmetic, Cleaning Products, Cleaning Materials, Auto Perfumes, Air Fresheners, Personal Care Product, Baby Care Products,

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