Undercounter Sinks Manufacturers Turkey


Adress : Ürünlü Mah. İzmir Yolu 15. Km No : 445/A Uludağ Ünv. Karşısı Nilüfer - Bursa, Turkey
Phone : +90 224 413 25 04
Fax : +90 224 413 02 31 41

Company Profiles:

Years experience in sales and trading of building materials with an established brand. Who are we? We are based on marketing over then ten thousand kinds of building materials. Currently we serve our customers with 3 showrooms and 7500 M2 warehouse in our local market. What we are marketing? We mainly produce building materials such as bathroom furnitures and shower cabin with glasses, in behind of this we are dealing with sanitary ware products, Armatures, Ceramic & Granites, Shower Cabins, Radiator & Panels, Valves & Fittings, PVC Metal Profiles, Chemical Adhesives, Plastic Pipes and Installation materials. Besides, we also manufacturer Furniture’s such as home, office and hotel with chairs and tables. Why Numan Kaleli? Because Satisfaction is not enough for us, we offer you: Good People: Friendly, helpful, accurate, able to recommend solutions, able to anticipate needs, reliable, responsible. Good Offering: Distinguish quality, unique design, improving and adding new products, clear descriptions & pricing, competitive prices (we are export company for entire product line, as marketing we offer special rates for commercial sales and wholesale distributors). Convenience: Available help, fast service, fast checkout, shipping/delivery, phone/web support, quick resolution of problems.

Company Products:

Turkish Furniture Cabin, Top Counter Sinks, Spiral Hose, Sink Mixers, Turkish Furniture Bursa, Transparent Hose, Thooth Brush, Turkish Furniture Exporter, Squated Pans, Turkish Shower Glass, Bidet & Laundry Taps, Hoses, Sinks, Closets, Bordure, Soap Dish, Valve, Ceramics, Radiator, Pressure Reducer, Antislip Tiles, Concealed Cistern, Closet Lids, Fittings, Valve Fittings, Decor, Wall Tiles, Ball Valve, Turkish Furniture, Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, Armatures, Back To Wall Closets, Pedestal Sinks, Building Ceramic Products, Wall Mounted Closets, Countertop Sinks, Single Sinks, Brass Fittings, Industrial Mixers, Undercounter Sinks, Brass Check Valve, Turkish Furniture Supplier, Pvc Profiles, Turkish Shower Tubes, Shower Systems, Flex Hose, Wc Brush Holder, Bowl Mixers, Ceramicfloor Tiles, Karo, Articulated Shower Set, Isolation Pipes, Siphons, Hunger - Double Single, Galvanized And Black Fittings, Turkish Shower Tray, Turkish Shower Types, Ceramicbordure, Tile Trim For Outlet Corner, Manifold Brass, Turkish Shower, Turkish Shower Tub, Urinal And Urinal Separater, Internal Sets, Brass Te, Sfloor Siphons, Ceramicwall Tiles, Long Towel, Ceramicantislip Tiles, Turkish Shower Profile, Back To Wall Counter Sinks, Ceramic Tile Spacer, Turkish Furniture Producer, Turkish Furniture Brand, Sherical Tap, Turkish Shower Cabin, Brass Street Elbow, Ceramickaro, Vanity Shelf, Swank Faucet, Circle Towel, Ceramicdecor, Tile Trim For ınner Corner, Turkish Shower Jacuzzi, Turkish Shower Bathtub, Ceramic Products, Reservoirs, Doors, Construction Materials, Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware, Kitchen Cabinets, Building Materials, Valves, Kitchen Mixers, Faucets, Bathroom Mixers, Mixers, Bathroom Furniture, Wooden Doors,

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