Transformers Manufacturers Turkey


Adress : Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Çanakkale Caddesi, No: 11/B Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey
Phone : +90 322 394 42 53
Fax : +90 322 394 42 55

Company Profiles:

Beta Transformer, that offers quality solutions for the needs of energy sector by productive manufacturing process, provides service in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industry Zone with a total of 24.000 m2 area; 9.000 m2 indoors and 15.000 m2 outdoors. Beta Transformer, setting target of specializing in Electrical - Electromechanical since its establishment date, is a powerful and respected technology company being active in “Power, Distribution, Dry Type (Cast - Resin) and Special Type Transformers”. BETA realizes its main activity area as Oil Type Distribution Transformer, Power Transformer and Dry Type (Cast - Resin) Transformer production; according to IEC 76, BS 171, ANSI, ISO 9001, CE, TSE, TS 267 quality, production and design standards with a monthly production capacity of 750 transformers.

Beta Transformer manufactures Distribution Transformers within a power range between 10 kVA - 5.000 kVA (up to 36 kV), Power Transformers between 5.000 kVA - 100 MVA (up to 154 kV) and Dry Type (Cast - Resin) Transformers between 50 kVA - 5.000 kVA (up to 36 kV). BETA follows technological innovations in transformer sector closely with its R&D department and listens to its customers for their special orders about desired standards. All BETA products are under 36 months warranty period.

Company Products:

Transformers Distribution Transformers Distribution Transformers 3 Phase Three Phase Distribution Transformers Transformer With Oil Expansion Tank Hermetic Transformers A Class Transformers Transformer Conservator Type Transformer Hermetically Sealed Transformer Special Type Transformer Transformer Operating Transformer Installation Transformer With On Load Tap Changer Regel Transformer Regel Transformers Conservator Type Transformers Custom Transformers

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